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We offer our clients:


You can rely on always having help and support of a reliable and qualified partner that has solved thousands of issues for a variety of clients in the IT field over 20 years and that will solve yours as well when they occur.


The world of information technologies raises concerns – it quickly develops, and dependence on it is still deepening. With us in the back, you will not worry that there will be anything wrong in your IT infrastructure – whether due to the negligence or incompetence.


You will not have to deal with anything that is related with your IT. You will not be bothered by messages “that something is not working again”. You will not worry about how and where to head in this area to ensure growth. With us, you will only approve optimum solutions or choose among alternatives – always on the basis of clear and comprehensible submitted arguments.


A good IT service means that there are as few problems as possible. The fewer problems, the less time lost, and the time is money. Our people take care of their clients’ information technologies very carefully. We have the same interest as our clients – to have minimum issues.

A monthly fee for the service of information technologies could be compared to insurance: for a reasonable regular payment, you get the certainty that there will be no potentially large or even irreplaceable damage!

Costs of outsourcing which is provided by Ausys will always be lower than total wage costs of an own information technology administrator.*

In contrast, risks which your own administrator potentially represents for the company will always be significantly higher than the ones related to our outsourcing.

(*) Average monthly wage costs (rather than gross wage) for an average network administrator are approximately CZK 40,000.00 in the Czech Republic in 2017 (source:

Outsourcing from us is worth it!


To keep pace with rapid developments in the world of information technologies is challenging even for a smart, gifted and reliable network administrator. Let alone for average ones – and these are logically the majority (on average).

The quantity and nature of problematic situations that such a network administrator is able to quickly and efficiently solve is limited in number, given by the specific IT infrastructure and established routine.

If all the monthly costs associated with issues and problems with IT operation, which could have been prevented or solved quickly and reliably, were added up, you would be surprised, how high these costs are as compared to the costs of outsourcing for the same period.


The quantity and diversity of issues our employees must solve in the area of information technologies every day is incomparable.

Every day we also solve requirements for delivery of the latest hardware or software and their seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

Therefore, we are constantly in touch with the latest trends in information science. We manage the amount of required competences by the division of labour and specialization. For our clients, we are something like an external collective network administrator – multi-headed, multi-handed and with the background of twenty years of experience.