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IT services | AUSYS

Our services are used by hundreds of clients. They are of different sizes and from different business areas. We take care of everything they need in the field of information technologies.
Judge for yourself.

Small health centres, general practitioners and dentists are typical representatives of a client with a few computers. We have over 300 of such clients!

For a client with a few computers, we provide:

  • designing, building and delivering optimal hardware to suit the intended use
  • delivery, installation, commissioning and setting up operating systems and other necessary software and applications
  • interconnection of individual devices by means of cables or air, both near and remotely
  • setting up everything for the Internet, e-mail, cloud solutions, social networks and other communications
  • data security, antivirus protection, setting up a backup method …

we come to the finished thing, we fix the things which are not right, and then we continue to take care!

For small and medium sized businesses with dozens of computers, we additionally provide:

  • interconnection between all devices, workplaces, buildings, branches, home offices and dealers or technicians in the field: by means of cables, optics and air including secured permanent connection (VPN – Virtual Private Network)
  • flawless data sharing of different types and determination through servers: data, e-mail, reserve and backup, physical and virtual
  • reliable operation and updating of various economic and other corporate works and information systems

OR Detail as in the previous case, we come to the finished thing, perform an audit of the current state, gradually introduce our standards into the system for optimal operation and administration, ensure consistency in operation of all of that and provide continuous service, support and advice.

For clients with dozens or hundreds of computers, our services are even more extensive

For such clients, issues regarding IT do not grow proportionally, but multiplicatively! Work and processes are shared by many people. Labour and responsibilities are divided. Information systems are the backbone system of the entire business – everybody draws from them and contributes to them. When something goes wrong here, it affects work of all and losses are proportionally multiplied!

In this area we provide:

  • smooth operation of the entire IT infrastructure and the most effective prevention of all problems
  • rapid removal of all issues in order to minimize potential and actual losses
  • solving organizational problems which affect efficient operation of information systems
  • Detail help in development of IT infrastructure so that the performance of the company can steadily grow and costs can be reduced

IT are not just computers. We can build for our clients for example:

  • a CCTV that can perform a variety of tasks – from protection of the premises and workplaces against unwanted intrusions, through monitoring of production and compliance with work safety, to logistics and movement of vehicles in the premises, including registration of their license plates
  • an attendance and access system (EVS) which completely automates registration of the presence and movement of employees and at the same time gives them access only to the places where they are permitted to enter
  • security and fire systems (ESS, EFS) of different size and design
  • structured cabling, optical and metallic, in manufacturing plants, ensuring connectivity of programmable logic controllers (PLC) with substations, among each other and with control servers and operator workplaces, including the connection to the existing IT infrastructure

DetailThen, we get all important information, including videos, anywhere necessary – even to the responsible manager’s mobi­le phone!